The RiskTree Designer is used to build RiskTrees. It can be used during a Risk Discovery Workshop, to write up a workshop subsequently, or just to create a RiskTree without using a workshop. The process is based around creating the tree dynamically within the browser. Once you have one or more RiskTrees, you can create a risk assessment report using the RiskTree Processor.

The Designer screen is split into two areas. The top half displays the RiskTree, and the lower half shows the information held on the tree via a series of tabs. Each tab allows you to view a different aspect of the information. When you start with a new RiskTree, the tabs will all be blank, and the RiskTree will consist of a single node. The Settings box will open automatically, prompting you to enter a title for your RiskTree project.

Designer help topics

Help for the Designer can be found in the topics below.